AMXPark is open to the public. Everyone must sign in and pay all fees before riding or hooking up to an RV spot. There is a sign in area under the front porch of the shop that has a mailbox with envelopes, a sign in sheet, and a drop box to put your filled out envelope with fees in. There is also an instructions sheet to guide you if needed. The main Motocross track gets prepped for practice on Mondays and only watered on other days for dust control. AMXPark tries to keep the tracks as rough as possible to prepare the racer for realistic racing conditions that he will encounter on race days. We believe that you do your hard dirty work during the week and the racing on the weekend is the easy part, not the other way around. AMXPark has 2 Motocross tracks. One is clay based and close to 2:30 lap times with a realistic National caliber layout. The other is a rough sand track that is around 1:30 lap time and great for training and is where most everyone in  the area ends up on rain days as the track takes rain well and gets gnarly rough. There is a Supercross track that is awesome red clay and gets built to professional standards in October. The track is only for professional Supercross and Arenacross license holders and training members from October – March. From March – October, the track is mellowed out for training amateur riders. There is a 1:30 lap time corner track that is a dark mulchy dirt base that ruts up really deep when wet and berms up when dry. This is an excellent corner track with almost every imaginable corner type on it. There is a small pit bike track to play on and miles of trails through the woods that have been cut in with a dozer so they are really wide and safe. Trails can be used for riding, walking, jogging, and cycling.

Hours – M,T,Th,F,Sat. 8;00 am – 8:00 pm   W,Sun.,and Holidays 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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